Article written by the class AP Anglais 3èmewith the help of Mrs Féret


Number XXXII by the Pickles company, itrocks !

On Tuesday 6th November, the Pickles company came in ourschool to performtheir show called « Number XXXII ».
The Pickles companyis a theatrical troupefrom Ireland even if one of theiractress Peggy comesfrom New Zealand. Theytravel in Europ to play in front of studentslearning English as a foreignlanguage

The playlasted one hour and six of our mates playedwiththem. The actorsspokeslowly and clearly soi t waseasy to understand.
The actorswhowere four playedverywell. The show wasveryfunny and simple to follow.

One of ourfavouritecharacterwasPrincess Aqua. Hertruenameis Katie Reid and wefoundherbeautiful.
Anothercharacterwelikedverymuchis the one of Ray. Ray is the bad guy of the show ; Weliked Ray because the actor Daniel playedextremelywell and was the most expressive of the drama group.
Our mates were six and theydidverywelltoo.

To resumehereis a list of adjectives thatcomes to ourmind to summarize the play :
Interesting, beautiful, funny, friendly, huge, lively, great, original, easy to understand and itrocks !

Thankyou to Katie , Dan, Sam and Peggy for thisgreat moment. Thankyou to Lou-Ann, Charlotte, Léane, Ryan, Mathys and Mattis for their efforts and thankyou to Mrs Gauthier whoasked the Pickles company to come and play for us !

Welovedit !